mardi 8 mai 2018

Petit Chat - Sea Melody

May 1st - July 20th

  I love to walk to the beach. The sea air, the sand under my feet .... What is also great is to listen to music watching the expanse of the sea.
To do it with style, Petit Chat created these Headphones named Sea Melody. They are perfect for all your beach looks with their shell shaped ear buds.
Texture hud included (8 options on the headset and shell separately and 8 for the metallic line). Materials enabled (see the notecard about the materials)
Perms: Copy and mod. You can modify the item and customize it to your liking.
You will find these little jewels at Secret Garden. They will accompany you all summer.

 Headset : Sea Melody 


                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Doux - Rose

                      Sarong : Zaara - Prisha

                      Bracelet : Mandala - Kyara

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