mardi 1 mai 2018

Petit Chat - Marjan

April 22th - May 18th

  11 years old .... as time goes on. 11 years of second life ..... and always the same passion, irremovable and constant, shopping :-) It must be said that in my first life I have exactly the same problem lolll
If you go through the Lost & Found event, stop in front of the Petit Chat store. You will find this beautiful jewelry set named Marjan. It consists of a necklace, earrings and bracelets.
 Items can be purchased separately or as a full set.
Each pack includes a HUD giving 8 options for beads, metals, petals, and flower center.
Materials enabled (see the notecard about the materials). Perms: Copy and mod.
You can modify the item and customize it to your liking. 
Let's go shopping to the Lost & Found ! 

  Jewelry : Marjan 


                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Besom - Lex (at N21)

                      Dress : Mimikri - Faye

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