mercredi 28 mars 2018

Petit Chat - Soleil Necklace & Fannette Sun Hat

March 17th - June 1st

 Very soon we will finally be able to bring out our light clothes and enjoy the sun's rays. Thanks to the magic of SL it's possible now :-) And what better to accompany these outfits than the fantasy jewelery Petit Chat. Original, light and colorful they are perfectly adapted to our summer outfits.
For the SL Inspiration event, here is the aptly named Soleil Necklace. It comes with a Hud giving 12 options on metals, string and sun separately.The necklace comes in 2 linked pieces (String & Sun) in order to leave you more freedom to adjust the sun as you wish.
On my head I wear the pretty hat Fannette. Texture hud included (8 options on the fabric and on the petals). It was created for the finders, St Patrick Hunt keepers who is finish now but you can find it at the mainstore from now on. And of course these two items are copy and mod.
They will quickly become essential of your summer wardrobe :-)

 Necklace : Soleil
Hat : Fannette


                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Analog Dog - Rowena

                      Outfit : Fame Femme - Kira Romper

dimanche 18 mars 2018

Petit Chat - Rhiannon Necklace

 DATE : March 10h - April 10th

 Petit Chat created for the Fantasy Collection Event, this pretty ethnic necklace. Perfectly in the current trend, it will accompany all your outfits. Whether for a vintage look or something more modern, it will soon become indispensable. The necklace comes with a giving 6 options on metals, string and stones.
I chose to wear it with this outfit for take a good little time in a club.
So now, let's go to the party!

  Necklace  : Rhiannon 


                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Clawtooth - Rebel Rebel

                      Outfit : David Heather - Madonna

dimanche 11 mars 2018

Petit Chat - Leila

 DATE : March 4th - 31th

 After a hard week, I needed a little relaxation. And nothing better for that to go for a ride in one of the many second life parks. You hear the birds sing? What a sweet melody.
In this world of sweetness I put on a soft pink sweater. And to accompany him there is nothing like this jewelry set created by Petit Chat for the chapter four event, Leila.
It is composed of earrings, two necklaces and a bracelet that can be bought separately or in full set. Each part is customizable via a hud giving you 6 options. And if that's not enough, the set is copy and mod, so you're free to play your creativity.
With that, I see the ice cream vendor. mmmmm A good ice cream sitting on a bench under the rays of the sun .....
Just after, go to Chapter four :-))

  Jewelry set  : Leila 

                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Analog Dog - Bind

                      Sweater : Tres Blah - Passport sweater

samedi 3 mars 2018

Petit Chat - Poppy

 DATE : Feb 18tht - March 18th

 After many days of rain, snow and cold, what happiness to finally find the sun. And soon, spring will bring us many pretty flowers. Among those I like most are the poppy. I like their vibrant red color and their delicacy.
Petit Chat is inspired by them to create this beautiful jewelry set.
It consists of a necklace, earrings and bracelets that you can buy in full set or separately. Texture hud included (8 options on the strings (separately, so you can mix and match & 8 metal options on the tiny metallic parts). And of course, totally copy and mod.
Nothing like it for these last days of winter that a little spring before the hour. And you'll find it at the whimsical event until March 18th.

       Jewelry set  : Poppy 

                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Little Bones - Solar (at Collabor88 event)

                      Outfit : [Liz] - Valerie (at Sense event)