dimanche 10 décembre 2017

De Boutique - Samantha

DATE: Dec 5th - 31th

Christmas is coming and I suddenly wanted to see what was going on in Santa Claus country. For that I have well equipped myself : hat, gloves, boots, and especially this great outfit created by De Boutique for the Designer Showcase of the month of December. It consists of a fur jacket (provided with a hud of 8 solid and print colors!), Jeans and a long black skirt. That way you can wear it differently depending on the circumstances. The elements are separable so you can mix them as you please thereafter. It's not fantastic ?

 Well, where is Santa Claus?

 No doubt somewhere on this beautiful sim dedicated to the North Pole. As much as changing and wearing the De Boutique set with the jeans. It will be more comfortable to find it. But always with my stilettos lolll Yes, even in the snow ^^

 Oh ! I see him ! Santa Claus !!! Hope you are well and not too tired with all your work :-) I have a small order for you. Uhmm This is a nice pair of shoes whose name starts with an L with a red sole :-) Do you know what I mean? Ah yes ! I was nice this year you can be sure :-))
ooopss I slipped...... grrrr  Bye bye Santa Claus !!! See you at Décember 25th ! Don't forget meee !!!!

Outfit : De Boutique - Samantha
(exclusive for Designer Showcase event)

I wear also :

                      On the first pic :
                      Hair :  Analog Dog - Ashbury

                      Hat : Maxi Gossamer - Fur Hat

                      Gloves : Maddict - Driving gloves

                      Necklace : Mandala - Origami

                     On the second pic :
                      Hair :  EnVogue - Jacquelyn

                      Shoes : Gos - Cassie

                      Necklace : Codex - Holy Necklace (at Tannenbaum Market)

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