jeudi 19 octobre 2017

Petit Chat - Pride Cuffs

DATE: Oct 4th - 31th

 A short stroll on the beach is always a good time to spend. The offshore wind and sea air is excellent for good mood.
For that we dress up chic and comfortable. A little pants, a little sweater, high heels .... oh no not high heels lol but too late I have :-) Damned sand!  
But do not forget the accessories. Nothing better to complete my outfit than these delightful cuffs created by Petit Chat
They come in 6 shades of leather and 6 metals to give you a few choices! They will be perfect with all your outfits whether formal or casual!
So be pride to wear them :-)

 Cuffs : Petit Chat - Pride Cuffs 

                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Analog Dog - Rally (at the Hairology Event) 

                      Cardigan : Baiastice - Elliot
                      Pant : Seniha - Nina

                      Shoes : Empire - Thunbergia (August Luxe Box)

                      Earrings : Yummy - Satin Bow & Pearls

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