samedi 14 octobre 2017

De Boutique - Honey

DATE: Oct 5th - 31th

  Autumn is a very bright season. What a joy to walk under the blazing trees, to hear the leaves crack under our feet.
But it starts to get a little colder. Nothing better than a comfortable and warm dress with a scarf and long boots to face the first cold.
De Boutique created what you were looking for. A nice sweater dress supplied with a hud of 6 knit color or 6 print color. You can also customize the scarf. Icing on the cake it comes with its long black boots named Hanna.
A small detour by the Designer Showcase is necessary :-)

 Outfit : De Boutique - Honey
(exclusive for Designer Showcase event)

                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  En Vogue - Carley 

                      Earrings : Empyrean Forge - Levity


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