samedi 28 octobre 2017

Petit Chat - Themis

DATE: Oct 14th - Nov 4th

  Sometimes simplicity is our best ally.
A pure white dress, long hair in freedom and a single jewel. It's not because the end of the year is coming soon that we have to look like a christmas tree ;-)
This jewel that I chose to wear is the last news of Petit Chat for the Underdog Event. A lovely armlet named Themis. Simple, elegant, it is perfect for my outfit style.
It comes with a hud of 6 colors for the stone and 2 colors for the metal, 6 colors if you take the fatpack. Copy and mod this will allow you to adjust it perfectly to your arm and customize it to your liking.
Do not wait too long, the underdog event is until November 4th.

 Armlet : Petit Chat - Themis 

                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Truth - Arwen 

                      Dress : Junbug - Bridget (at The Liaison Collaborative event)

jeudi 19 octobre 2017

Petit Chat - Pride Cuffs

DATE: Oct 4th - 31th

 A short stroll on the beach is always a good time to spend. The offshore wind and sea air is excellent for good mood.
For that we dress up chic and comfortable. A little pants, a little sweater, high heels .... oh no not high heels lol but too late I have :-) Damned sand!  
But do not forget the accessories. Nothing better to complete my outfit than these delightful cuffs created by Petit Chat
They come in 6 shades of leather and 6 metals to give you a few choices! They will be perfect with all your outfits whether formal or casual!
So be pride to wear them :-)

 Cuffs : Petit Chat - Pride Cuffs 

                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Analog Dog - Rally (at the Hairology Event) 

                      Cardigan : Baiastice - Elliot
                      Pant : Seniha - Nina

                      Shoes : Empire - Thunbergia (August Luxe Box)

                      Earrings : Yummy - Satin Bow & Pearls

samedi 14 octobre 2017

De Boutique - Honey

DATE: Oct 5th - 31th

  Autumn is a very bright season. What a joy to walk under the blazing trees, to hear the leaves crack under our feet.
But it starts to get a little colder. Nothing better than a comfortable and warm dress with a scarf and long boots to face the first cold.
De Boutique created what you were looking for. A nice sweater dress supplied with a hud of 6 knit color or 6 print color. You can also customize the scarf. Icing on the cake it comes with its long black boots named Hanna.
A small detour by the Designer Showcase is necessary :-)

 Outfit : De Boutique - Honey
(exclusive for Designer Showcase event)

                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  En Vogue - Carley 

                      Earrings : Empyrean Forge - Levity


dimanche 8 octobre 2017

Petit Chat - Believe Necklace

DATE: Sept 17th - Dec 1st

 The InspirationSL theme for this fall is Leather & Lace.
What's more perfect for lingerie than the sexy and animal side of the leather mixed with the refined and delicate side of the lace. This combination will make you simply irresistible.

And what would a lingerie without accessories. That's why Petit Chat created this beautiful necklace perfect to wear with your sexy underwear.
Composed of leather and lined with lace, it also has a very original tags.
The lace and tags can disappear or reappear according to your choice allowing you to customize it via the hud, which additionally gives you 6 colors as an option.
It is obviously copy and mod for your small adjustments.
You already love it? Direction the InspirationSl event :-)

 Necklace : Petit Chat - Believe 

                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Exile - Wisteria 

                      Lingerie : UC - Sara bodysuit (at Uber event)