jeudi 30 mars 2017

De Boutique - Azalea

      Dress : De Boutique - Azalea

 Here is the perfect little black dress, indispensable to any wardrobe. It is created by De Boutique and is called Azalea. Its fine lace and subtle play of transparency will quickly make one of your must have.

  Shoes : De Boutique - Azalea

 HI also wear the pretty sandals also named Azalea. They will match perfectly with the dress by their finesse and their elegance. They are available in 2 pack of 8 colors each: classic or spring.

Dress and shoes are available at the mainstore.

I wear also :
                      Hair : Vanity Hair - Cake Bites      

                      Jewelry : Lazuri - Paris      

mardi 28 mars 2017

Petit Chat - Esmeralda

DATE: March 19th - April 9th

 Jewelry : Petit Chat - Esmeralda

The theme of this month's inspiration event is Esmeralda; Here come the boho look and bright colors.
Petit Chat created this delightful jewelry set named as it should Esmeralda.
It is composed of 4 pieces: necklace, earrings, bracelet and ankle chains. There are 4 metals and 4 colors that can be changed with a handy hud. They are sold separately or in fatpack. They will comfortably brighten up all your casual spring outfits. Moreover, as usual with Petit Chat, they are modify also you can adapt them according to your needs.
They are available until April 9 so go there quickly !

                      I wear also :
                      Hair : Analog Dog - Vanessa      

                      Top : Zaara - Sanya       

dimanche 26 mars 2017

De Boutique - Zara & Jessica Spring

DATE: March 19th - April 1st

 Dress : De Boutique - Zara (exclusive for Designer Circle Event)

 Yeahh we're in the spring now. We are going to start to breathe our bodies.
Nothing better for that than this small colorful dress named Zara and created by De Boutique. It has a very wise neckline, but this one is compensated by the sexy lacing on the side of the dress. The arms remain finally in the open air ready to take the sun. A fine gold chain completes the dress.

De boutique also offers to Designer Circle these pretty little original shoes named Jessica. I chose them matching the dress but there are plenty of other colors. I love the cutouts on the top and the back of the shoe as well as the carved heel.

There is little time to acquire these little jewels. Then go to Designer Circle before April 1st.

I wear also :
                      Hair : Vanity Hair - Tropicalia      

                      Jewelry : Mandala - Haramita      

samedi 18 mars 2017

De Boutique - Aisha

DATE: March 5-31th

 Outfit : De Boutique - Aisha (exclusive for Designer Showcase Event)

 For this march round of the Designer Showcase Event, De Boutique created this outfit named Aisha. The top and bottom can be separated and you can mix as you like the two elements. In the pic, I wear the black pants and the red top, very pretty and original.

 The outfit come with this beautiful necklace. I love it a lot, and you will be able to wear it with a lot of your casual clothes.

 You will find also at the Designer Showcase these classy heels, Stella from the same creator,  perfect for all occasions.

I wear also :
                      Hair : Analog Dog - Margaret (for Hairology event)      


lundi 13 mars 2017

De Boutique - Kate

DATE: March 7-31th

 Gown : De Boutique - Kate (exclusive for Swank Event)

 Do you dream of being the queen of the carpet? So wear this pretty dress created by De Boutique. Its bustier style is quite classic but its originality lies in the pretty belt highlighting the waist as well as in the three colors, giving it a look in the end rather original. For the more conventional of us, it also exists in a sublime black.

I wear also :
                      Hair : Truth - Ramsey      

                      Necklace : Empyrean Forge - Tesoro del Luna (at Fameshed)

                      Bracelet : Random Matter - Norbu Wrist Cuff

mardi 7 mars 2017

Petit Chat - French Beret Animals & Berenice Boots


 Last days for snow. It's not a reason not to be elegant, don't you know ?

Hat : Petit Chat - Lauren's French Beret
(for The Marvelous Event - March 1st-25th)

 To avoid catching cold, here is a new version of the beautiful Lauren french beret, in an animal print this time (7 options).

 Boots : Petit Chat - Berenice
(for The Chapter Four Event - March 4-20th)

 To complete the look, I chose in the same tones the boots Berenice, perfect to face the blizzard. There is a hud that allows to customize them to your choice.

                      I wear also :
                      Hair : Magika - Checkpoint      

                      Outfit : Gizza - Sybille       

                      Earrings : Lazuri - Classic pearls       

samedi 4 mars 2017

De Boutique - Jane

DATE: Feb 26th - March 10th

Gown : De Boutique - Jane

 Elegant and refined, this pretty dress named Jane will follow you in all your evenings.
Available in 8 colors, you will find it at the Designer Circle until 10/03

I wear also :
                      Hair : Vanity Hair - Gone forever      

                      Jewelry : Lazuri - Prana