vendredi 24 juillet 2015

Cosmic Dust - Ryleigh

By this wonderful summer what's better than wearing this lovely little dress found at Season Story Event. It's name is Ryleigh and the designer is Cosmic Dust. It exists in five printed and different colors, each adapted to the taste of everyone.

My walk in different Event made me discover Pepe Hair at Tres Chic Event. I must confess I didn't know them at all and have been pleasantly surprised by their quality. I found that this little braid named Bohemian was matching very well with the dress.
I also wanted to focus on the latest shoes from NCore, Donna sandals. They are light, graceful,  modern and classic at once. And as always in NCore there are plenty of color. Of course they are adapted to all existing kind of feet on sl.

            Dress : Cosmic Dust - Ryleigh (for Season's Story Event)
            Hair : Pepe - Bohemian (for Très Chic Event)
            Shoes : NCore - Donna

            Necklace : Maxi Gossamer - Kalistar
            Bracelet : Miel - Chum

            Ring : Purple Moon - Noble

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