jeudi 28 mai 2015

De Boutique - Marylin


            Dress : De Boutique - Marylin (for Designer Showcase)
            Hair : Lelutka - Aaliyah          

            Shoes : Bens Boutique - Butterfly
            Jewelry : Lazuri - Kaya

            Bag : Mes petites coutures - Piquo Clutch

lundi 25 mai 2015

Dot-Be Fashion - Sookie Dress

            Dress : Dot-Be Fashion - Sookie

            Shoes : Styles by Danielle - Lady Mona         

            Hair : Lamb - Long Snake Moan

            Bracelet : Finesmith - Shame 


samedi 23 mai 2015

De Boutique - Miss Parisienne

            Outfit : De Boutique - Miss Parisienne
            Hair : Lamb - Witch          

            Necklace : De Boutique - Bow Necklace

            Earrings : Donna Flora - Amanda

            Ring : Zaara - Kashiti

lundi 18 mai 2015

Oddity - Aldo Hawaii

            Shirt : Oddity - Aldo Hawaii (with multi colors hud)
            Pants : CIA Designs - Biker pants          

            Shoes : NCore - Lace
            Hair : [Ra] - Momo

            Bracelet : Mandala - Omochi

            Ring : Eclectica - Swirly Dress Ring

vendredi 15 mai 2015

Join Hands for Nepal : Snowpaw - Elegance


Snowpaw created for the join hands event this beautiful dress named Elegance.
This dress is very aptly name. Composed of a corset and an aerial skirt, she will give you a beautiful silhouette. It is also a beautiful navy blue color that will fit you all.
It's week end. No doubt, you have a planned ceremony. Your look is all found.

Always at the same link JOIN HANDS : 

Join Hands for Nepal : Lazuri - Perles de Gloire - Special Edition


Who says evening dress said necessarily jewelry.
Nothing better than to wear Lazuri for formal occasions.
This set is a special edition of one of the great success of the brand, Perles de Gloire. It is recreated with new exclusives colors, including this very elegant beige french.
As usual, several metal options, jewels and pearls.
Do not miss!
You'll find it on the sim of the event, here :

jeudi 14 mai 2015

Join Hands for Nepal : Glitterati - Cherry Blossom


Another wonderful outfits created especially for the Join Hands event.
Elegant and sexy Glitterati dress will be perfect for the long summer evenings. His gorgeous pink and black colors sublimate you. It also has very nice black attachments at the shoulder and hip.
A must have.
I remind you the address of the sim. There are lots of beautiful things so come. You will have pleasure and you will come for aid Nepal. They have great need of you.

Join Hands for Nepal : Moondance - Mata Hari Bindi Ice


To complete my Glitterati dress I wear this beautiful Binti created by Moondance Boutique.
Honestly have not you pick this kind of accessory and never find it. Here it is and just perfect. It come with a multi options hud with multiple color combinations.
To have urgently!

And where? On Join hands sim of course

Join Hands for Nepal : Baboom Jumpsuit


Today I present you a wonderful Baboom outfits on sale on the sim dedicated to Join Hands for    Nepal.
It can be worn in different styles, bolero and sleeves are detachable and can be used separately.
Do not hesitate one second.
The sim is now open. Come quickly!


Join Hands for Nepal : *MSS* - Seafoam Satin Dress


This cute little dress from *MSS* is simply perfect in its simplicity, its modernism, its soft colors. A real favorite.
And I am sure that you will have the same impression.
I add at the outfit the Miranda White Heels who is also a creation of *MSS*
It's certain you will not regret to buy it and more you will to help Nepal who have really need of you.
Sim is here:

mardi 12 mai 2015

Join Hands for Nepal : Dulce Secrets - Wings of Hope

                                                    DULCE SECRETS FOR JOIN HANDS

To complete my previous outfit, I wear this beautiful makeup Dulce Secrets. There are several colors, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Small diamonds are separated and thus you can use them separately if you wish. Do not miss.

And do not forget the Sim Join Hands opens tomorrow 13th of May.

It is planned that day a show by Scala Agency at 2 pm Slt. An event not to be missed. See you there !

Join Hands for Nepal : Immateria - Madhu

                                                  IMMATERIA FOR JOIN HANDS

Nepal is going through dramatic days following the terrible earthquake, and still today after a new shock.
They need us, all of us.
Join Hands is an event that will allow you to bring your help. Many designers created outfits specifically for Nepal and all proceeds will be donated to them.
There will also be shows where you can admire these beautiful creations.
Join Hands Sim opens tomorrow 13th of may.
Here's the land:
Please help them, they really need.

I'm wearing in this photo of a very nice top of Immateria. It comes in 4 colors and is perfect for all occasions. It will mix easily with other
outfits. Do not hesitate.

Thank you for Nepal

lundi 11 mai 2015

De Boutique - Sheri Outfit

            Outfit : De Boutique - Sheri
            Hair : Boon - PPK204          

            Necklace : Lazuri - Kaya

            Earrings : Lazuri - Classic Pearls

vendredi 8 mai 2015

De Boutique - Cherie


            Outfit : De Boutique - Cherie (for Event @1st)
            Hair : Exile - Waiting for tonight          

            Shoes : Glamistry - Ramonda
            Jewelry : Ryca - Bracelet Lux and Earrings Medusa

mardi 5 mai 2015

De Boutique - Harley


            Outfit : De Boutique - Harley
            Hair : Dura - Boys & Girls 55          

            Shoes : Glamistry - Statice
            Jewelry : Mandala - Pearl Rain Season 3

dimanche 3 mai 2015

Dot-Be Fashion - Bopcargo

            Sweat and Pant : Dot-Be Fashion - Bopcargo

            Shoes : Addams - Dr Addams         

            Hair : Milk Hair (Soonsiki) - Bang bang

            Earrings : Mandala - Senjyu 


vendredi 1 mai 2015

De Boutique - Book of Love

            Dress : De Boutique - Book of love
            Hair : EnVogue - Marilyn          

            Jewelry : Lazuri - Spring Pastels