jeudi 11 octobre 2018

Petit Chat - Bands Bracelets

Oct 4th - 31th

 We always need little bracelets that go with everything. Our new must have for fall, created by Little Cat is these charming casual bracelets. They are composed of 7 rows that you can customize individually with the hud provided. Copy and mod of course, so no adjustment problems. You can take them in all your walks whether during the day or for your crazy parties. This will be the indispensable complement of a successful outfit.I take this post to remind you that today is the International Day of Girls. Plan International promotes girls' access to health, education, knowledge of their rights and protection against all forms of physical, moral and sexual violence. Thus they become emancipated and accomplished women, able to direct their lives as they wish. Also do not hesitate to consult on this subject the site of Plan International.To return to our little bracelets, they are available until the end of the month at Chapter Four. So don't lost time and let's go! :-)

 Jewelry : Petit Chat - Bands Bracelets 


                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Phoenix - Christel
                      T-shirt : Tres Blah - Knotted Raglan 


dimanche 30 septembre 2018

De Boutique - Katy

Sept 29th - Oct 13th

 A pretty black dress is a guarantee of elegance in all circumstances. De Boutique offers Katy, a long black silk dress with a lace neckline and on the shoulders. Refined, she will accompany you in all your cocktails. Accessorized in different ways, it squeezed each time different.
You can find it at the Rock your Rack event that I told you about in my previous post, until October 13th. So, let's run !

 Dress : De Boutique - Katy
(exclusive for Rock your Rack event) 

                       I wear also :
                      Studio Exposure : Fine Gold (at the Hair Fair event)

lundi 24 septembre 2018

De Boutique - Esther dress and Cece boots

Sept 29th - Oct 13th

  The rock your rak event will open its doors next Saturday, September 29th. This is an event dedicated to raising found for the National Breast Cancer Fundation.
We are all concerned by this fight.
Who does not know someone touched by this terrible disease and we can all be affected one day or another. This is why it is very important to get tested very regularly. If caught early, this type of cancer has treatments that work well and can save your life. So, let's go !
For this noble cause, De Boutique offers an exclusive version of her little Esther dress and her Cece boots. This printed tartan, very fashion this fall, will follow you in all your walks in the forest or elsewhere :-).
This original set awaits you from Saturday, September 29th at the Rock your Rack event.

 Dress & Boots : De Boutique - Esther & Cece
(exclusive for Rock your Rack event) 

                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Clawtooth - Safari Babe

vendredi 14 septembre 2018

Petit Chat - Harvest Chalkboards

Sept 4th - 30th

For this September round of Chapter Four, Petit Chat breaks new ground by offering us a decorative element. This is these very original Harvest Charkboard. For simplicity I put you below the technical instructions.
Square Frame
Rectangle Frame
8 color sets avaialble (includes the 3 frames)
Square Frame FatPack
Rectangle Frame Fatpack
A-Frame Fatpack
Fatpack (includes the 3 frames in the 8 colors)
Blank Chalkboard Texture
Text Chalkboard Texture
2 LI at the rezzed side (LI will vary when you will resize)
Materials enabled (see the notecard about the materials)
Perms: Copy and mod.
    1- Edit the frame
    2- Check "Select Face" in the edit tab and go to the "texture tab"
    3- Click the main display face (it should be face 3 on square and rectangle frames, and 5 & 6 on the A-Frame)
    4- Drag your own picture in the texture square in the edit tab.
    5-You are done
Note : * A-Frame can have a different pic on each side.
          * You may create your own chalkboard text using the blank chalkboard texture provided (you ll need to edit the picture in an external software)


You can modify the item and customize it to your liking : it's all modify !

They come with a Hud giving 10 options on string, fishbone and hook, separate

 Very funny all that ! lolll  So now a problem.... What photo will I put in this frame...

 Frame : Harvest Chalkboards

                      I wear :
                      Hair :  Little Bones - India (At collabor88)

                      Outfit : Zaara - Meher (At collabor88)

                      Shoes : G&D - Pamela

                      Earrings : Mandala - Taper Pierce

                      Bracelets : Kunglers - Elvira


vendredi 7 septembre 2018

De Boutique - Lucy

Sept 5th-30th

  For the September Designer Showcase event, De Boutique offers us this very pretty dress named Lucy. It will be perfect for all your cocktails. Classic at the base, it is also sensual with  its charming collar clearing the shoulders.
It is come with a hud of 8 solid and printed colors.
Essential for your wardrobe so do not miss this opportunity !

 Dress : De Boutique - Lucy
(exclusive for Designer Showcase event) 

                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Analog Dog - Olivia
                      Jewelry : Empyrean Forge - Enduring (At Cosmoplitan event)


dimanche 12 août 2018

Petit Chat - Fishbone

August 5th - Sept 5th

 An accessory is always essential to any outfit. To complete my previous outfit, what better than this set earring and necklace named Fishbone. Is not it original? In any case, it is very suitable for my walk to the beach. It is proposed by Petit Chat at the Secret Affair event.
The set includes Necklace, and Earrings.
They can be bought separately or as a full set.
They come with a Hud giving 10 options on string, fishbone and hook, separate

 Jewelry : Fishbone 


                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Exile - Storm (at Collabor88)

Petit Chat - Cute Balloons

August 4th - 31th

  My mind is as light as my laughing little balloon. Boudha next to me seems pensive. Soon the end of summer. What will be done on september .... suspens ....
If you like my balloon you can find it at Chapter Four. Created by Petit Chat, it offers a hud of customization: 6 for the balloon, 6 for the string, 6 for the flags.
Click the balloon and follow the menus.
Resizer option (same menu)
2 Versions available: Colors & Face like you want.

 Accessories : Cute Balloons 


                      I wear also :
                      Hair :  Exile - Storm (at the Collabor88)

                      Dress : Ison - Mia (at the Collabor88)

                      Shoes : NCore - Kaia