mardi 12 février 2019

De Boutique - Sof

February round

 Soon Valentine's Day and all the valentines look for the traditional little red dress. As I am very unconventional, I preferred to opt for this small set created by De Boutique for the Swank Event and named Sof.
He is very cute and I like the shape of the top and the small fringes on the base. In addition the whole is separable so it is possible to mix it with other parts later for a less "valentine" rendering.
So hop hop hop everyone at swank to acquire this charming outfit

 Outfit : De Boutique - Sof
(exclusive for Swank event) 

                       I wear also :

                      Hair : Analog Dog : Halo

                      Shoes : Gos - Rockstud T-strap Pumps 

                      Bracelets : Empyrean Forge : Wayfare

dimanche 10 février 2019

Petit Chat - Shabby Kitchen Set

Feb 04th - Feb 28th

  The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is here that the whole family and friends meet for good moments of exchange, greed and conviviality.
For this purpose, Petit Chat created this set named Shabby Kitchen to furnish our dear home sweet home, especially for the chapter four event.
This set includes:
     - Counter: 7 Li - 1 sitter (4 standing animations)
     - Stool: 2 Li - 1 sitter (14 animations)
     - Rolling Pin decor: 1 Li
     - Orange Basket: 2 Li - Texture change (6 options) - Version with and without oranges.
     - Tray: 1 Li
     - Pitcher & Tumblers: 1 Li each- Texture change (6 options)
Here you are equipped to make good meals, good cakes and prepare good fresh fruit juice to receive your friends. See you soon !

 Furnitures : Petit Chat - Shabby Kitchen Set 

dimanche 27 janvier 2019

It's cold outside

A little fresh air is good, I like walking, breathing.
  But for that, I have to be both chic and comfortable.
For this small walk I chose this sober look that matches my desires: a chic pants, a comfortable sweater, a belted bomber for the trendy side, and essential beautiful silver sneakers. Comfortable yes, but fashionista above all ;-)
Happy sunday nice followers ! Hope you will have fun for this day :-)


                      I wear :

                      Hair : Analog Dog - Yeah
                      Bomber (with sweater) : Pixicat - Chill Bomber 

                      Pant : Pixicat - Classy Pants (at Collabor88 event)                    

                      Sneakers : FLI - Replica (at Equal 10 event)   dlife/8%208/172/193/1086

samedi 19 janvier 2019

Petit Chat - Emma

Jan 15th - Feb 15th

 I do not know about you, but for me teatime is sacred. At any moment I can not do without this divine beverage. And among other things, why not spend this good moment of tasting in the garden?
In order to be well installed I opted for the garden set proposed by Petit Chat for the boardwalk event. This set includes: Table (6 colors available) - Chairs / 6 animations (6 colors available) - Doily (texture change: 6 options) - Cake stand (texture change: 6 options). Copy and mode of course so you can bring your personal touch. Is not he cute?
Now, all is ready! Lolita! You can come. And do not forget to bring the cookies ! chocolate of course :-)

 Furnitures : Petit Chat - Emma 


                      Other Furnitures :
                      Tea set : Plastik - part of The Karle Teapots & Cups
                      Cup of strawberry : Taikou - part of Strawberry Shortcake set 

                      I wear

                      Hair : Analog Dog - Olive (at Salon 52 event)
                      Dress : Tetra - Lily Lace Dress