samedi 14 septembre 2019

Petit Chat - Calella Set

 There are times when you only want to cocoon at home, eat and drink comforting things and especially chocolate. We think ... Then we say that all these annoyances are not worth it and we leave the next day serene for new adventures :-)
If you also know moments of blues and questioning Petit Chat thought of us by creating this set named Calella. It consists of two large comfortable poufs, a nice wooden table, a set of accessories (hot chocolate bottle, sugar pot, cup, tray, chocolate..), fluffy carpet and a bright frame to illuminate our interior.
Here are the features:
Carpet : 7 LI
    -- Seat : 1 LI - 7 Sit animations
    -- Frame : 1 Li
    -- Short Table : 1 Li
        TOTAL LI : 10
*PC* Calella Set - Hot Chocolate
    -- Tray : 1 Li
    -- Hot Chocolate Bottle Dispenser : 1 Li (Attaches a cup of Hot Chocolate to avatar from menu)
    -- Empty Cup : 1 Li
    -- Hot Chocolate Cup : 1 Li
    -- Sugar Pot : 1 Li
    -- Chocolate pieces : 1 LI
    TOTAL : 6 Li

And all copy and mod like usually.  You can find it at the mainstore with a lot of other great furnitures.
And anyway, never let yourself be demoralized by frivolous things. Know how to surround yourself with positive people, with whom you feel good, and who are always there for you as you are always there for them. For the others, ignore them..
Hugs nice followers :-)

 Furnitures : Petit Chat - Calella Set

                       I wear :

                      Outfit : Pixicat - Sporty


                      Hair : Emotions - Stéphanie


dimanche 21 juillet 2019

Petit Chat - Birdy Set

July round

The bird in the frame looks very pensive .... like me. I ask myself many questions about my future on sl, even my future just short .... I need novelties, a new dynamic but how to do with the little time I have .... Need to think about that.
Other than that, I take this post to present the latest creation of Petit Chat for the Boardwalk event. This is this low wooden cabinet and its matching pots. Neither really rustic nor really modern it will blend in with all interiors. It is accompanied by a frame representing a bird, which gives its name to the set. The total is only 6 LI. Of course, he is copy and mod. You have until August 15 to get it.
It's hot today, I know what I need now lol an icecream! Quick!

 Furnitures : Petit Chat - Birdy Set
(exclusive for The Boardwalk event) 

                       I wear :

                      Shoes : De Boutique - Moly


                      Hair : Analog Dog - Sardine

                      Dress : Decoy - Leilani

                      Bracelets : Noir - L'amour


                      Earrings : Lazuri - Classic pearls (Store closed)         

dimanche 14 juillet 2019

De Boutique - Riley

July round

How to solve the problem of comfort in the countryside while remaining sexy .... Well De Boutique has created for the July round of Designer Showcase this cute denim overalls. All terrain, you can run the countryside without fear. Small bonus point, it is actually an outfit with two elements: pants and top and so you can wear them separately for other mix&match. The set comes with a hud of 8 jeans colors! yes yes 8! So let's run to designer showcase!
yes I know .... high heels are not a good idea, but I love them lollll

 Outfit : De Boutique - Riley
(exclusive for Designer Showcase event) 

                       I wear also :

                      Shoes : Equal - Helen

                      Hair : Mina - Carol

                      Necklace : Maxi Gossamer - Jessica Sanctuary

                      Bracelets : Kunglers - Nenharma